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Forestry is the science, art and practice of understanding, managing and using wisely the natural resources associated with, and derived from forest lands. As such, the disciplines of forestry and natural resource conservation encompass numerous areas of study.

This resource offers viewers introductory presentations on a variety of these topics each grouped under a module. Here you can listen to lectures by experts many of whom are professors from the UBC Faculty of Forestry. You may also view a number of video clips from the forest and laboratory that expand on topics discussed in the lectures.

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To explore this resource, start with the Introduction module. Then go to any module as each one is a stand-alone piece and order does not matter. For a summary of each module topic, click the “module summaries” tab.


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Bioenergy and Biofuels

Discover the steps in producing biofuel from wood.

Business Fundamentals

Investigate about business concepts in the forest products industry.

Climate Change and Visualization

See how different actions now affect future landscapes.

Conservation Science

Investigate the protection of species and ecosystems at risk.

Developing Markets for Wood Products

See how wood products from British Columbia can match needs in China.

Engineered Wood Products

Discover how wood can be engineered to produce new products.

Forest Ecology

Learn about the relationships between flora, fauna and abiotic matter in forests.

Forest Entomology

Learn about the various groups of insects that bug forests

Forest Genetics

Learn about how trees are bred for improvement.

Forest Management

See how a large range of complex decisions are needed in forest management.

Forest Measurements and Biometrics

Find out about the gathering of forest data through to the reporting of land information.

Forest Pathology

Explore the world of forest diseases.

Forest Stand Dynamics and Modeling

Investigate how forests grow and change over time.

Geographic Information Systems

Discover the many applications of GIS in forestry and resource conservation.

Global Issues

Take a look at forests from a global perspective.

Global Wood Trade

Find out about directions of global trade flow for wood products.

Remote Sensing

See how information from satellites, etc. help us manage the forest.

Supply Chain Management

Explore the flow of goods and services in the forest products industry.

Sustainability and Forestry

Learn about ways in which forests can be managed more sustainably.

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