This resource offers an introduction to the broad spectrum of contemporary topics in the area of forestry and natural resource conservation.

This resource was developed to:

    • offer introductory lectures on a number of the different areas of study under forestry and natural resource conservation;
    • demonstrate the wide diversity of disciplines that potential students in the broad field of forestry may study;
    • inspire students to discover more about particular areas within this broad spectrum;
    • provide links for viewers to the various UBC faculty of forestry and other experts in the particular disciplines covered by this resource.


How to use this resource

Each topic presented here is categorized in a module and each module is composed of:

  • an introduction to the presenter wherein they answer the question “what inspired me to choose this area of study”,
  • the summary and learning objectives for the presentation,
  • the Power Point presentation itself,
  • 2-3 questions to check for understanding of presentation,
  • supplementary videos from the forest or lab (where applicable)
  • other resources

To explore this resource, you should start with the Introduction module.Then you can go to any module as each one is a stand-alone piece and order does not matter. For detailed instructions on using resource see Instructions tab.

Image Sources

All images used in the Power Point presentations within the individual modules are used with permission. All sources of the images are cited on the individual Power Point slides. If the image is not cited, then it is the author’s image. Permission for use of the images is granted for the purposes of educational use only. Records are permissions are on file with Faculty of Forestry.

This resource was funded by BC-Campus and the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia. The project was coordinated by Laura Cottle under the direction of Dr. Guangyu Wang, Faculty of Forestry, UBC.