Developing Markets for Wood Products

Developing Markets for Wood Products in China

China and British Columbia are working together to introduce wood frame building systems that will significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in China.

Learning Objectives

After viewing this presentation and relevant support material, users should be able to:

  • Describe why British Columbia is a world-class source of sustainable forest products, especially wood products for building construction.
  • Explain what is driving China’s need for energy efficient housing.
  • Explain why building with wood is inherently more environmentally benign than building with concrete, brick and steel.
  • Describe some examples of modern wood frame construction in China.
  • Explain why it makes sense for China to look to Western Canada as the source of environmentally friendly and cost competitive
    wood products to meet much of China’s housing need.


Mr. Ken Baker, CEO Forestry Innovation Investment

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Developing Markets for Wood Products in China
Mr. Ken Baker examines how British Columbia (B.C.), as a source of wood products, can meet needs from China. He gives a brief overview of B.C.’s resources, products, exports, forest management and competitive advantages; looks at general and housing-related trends in China; uses life cycle assessments for wood products to indicate how wood can match China’s need for energy efficient housing; and points out the demonstration projects, earthquake reconstruction efforts, and the affordable housing program in which B.C. participates.

Potential Questions for use by Instructors

  1. Why is British Columbia the world’s largest exporter of lumber?
  2. Why is Western Canada the most logical source of materials to meet much of China’s need for environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and cost competitive housing?